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AccessMCD – We all enjoy our meal or brunch at the popularly known McD aka McDonald’s. The journey of this revolutionary food chain commenced in 1940 in the city of California. From there it grew into a multi-national food chain restaurant. As of 2018, this favorite food chain store is spread into more than one hundred countries around the globe. To be precise there are more than 37000 stores of McDonald’s in the world.

The reason for its huge popularity among the people is its signature hospitality shown to the visitors. The employees are humble and caring in their service. Of course, the exquisite menu of it is also another factor. Fast delivery, smart knowledgeable employees and their polite service play a major role in the smooth running of the McDonald’s.

No matter at which McDonald’s store you visit, you receive the same hospitality, the same service. This is applicable all over the world. Have you ever given it a thought, how that happens? Because all the employees are perfectly trained in providing customer service and product offerings. And this world-class training they receive at Accessmcd helps them take McDonald’s forward towards growth and prosperity.

What is AccessMcd?

McDonald’s is cognizant of the need for perfectly trained employees to serve the customers. So it gets its employees trained with Accessmcd. Accessmcd is an online portal specially designed for training McDonald’s employees. This multi-national fast-food chain makes the employees undergo training through a platform named Saba LMS(Learning management system). The platform is famous as SabaNow and lets all the current employees and future hires stay in touch through McDonald’s website for online training. The website serves to teach the employees restaurant management, customer handling and all the other related responsibilities they face on the job. Only those employees who have permission can log into Accessmcd website and gets access to the tools and training materials

Why Corporate Training at McDonald’s

McDonald’s feed nearly 69 million people. Every day. That counts for 1% of the world population. So professional training is very important for them. It ensures that every customer of McDonald ’s receives a uniform experience throughout all the franchise and outlet. McDonald’s work based on their private owned franchise. The brand name is always at risk. Because it will spoil the brand’s reputation if customer satisfaction is not taken care of by any of these franchises. And for that, training must be needed.

Proper training is necessary as all the other brands like Subway, KFC, Burger King, and other competitors are always in the run to be a people’s favorite. And good training becomes the key to satisfy your customers. The training includes making the trainees knowledgeable about all the policies of the companies such as products and their combo pack like happy hours, happy meals and so on. Lack of such information will make it difficult for an employee to handle its customers.

Training also plays an important role to make the employee learn about the things to do in case of any mistakes committed by the employee or in case of any disputes. This helps to avoid getting into any legal complications.

So, if you want to be a part of this famous restaurant chain or even if you are already working in here, you must choose to undergo training at It is a dream for many to work in McDonald’s for the free meals and flexible hours of work. With the help of this training, you become eligible for working anywhere in this well-known brand.

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